The importance of Probiotics for Those who are Gluten Intolerant, Celiac and Otherwise.

We’ve all heard of Candida, right?  Well, it’s my humble and politically-incorrect view that Candida and other gut disorders can be the CAUSE of Celiac and other digestive and autoimmune issues, and that it may be possible to CURE Celiac (and other autoimmune diseases) altogether.  

I once read an Ayurvedic article in a magazine on a plane or some other equally unlikely setting about gluten intolerance.  It said celiac disease can actually be cured. 

Now that I can’t find any reference to that article, I wonder if I actually dreamed it!  If it was a dream, it was a really vivid one.  I actually put the magazine in my laptop bag to take home and research it more later.  But after the flight, after unpacking, the magazine was nowhere to be found. 

Still, though, there is a big connection between Gut health (or lack of it) and gluten intolerance, and it needs to be explored.

How many celiacs or gluten sensitive people do you know who have to avoid other foods as well?  Astoundingly, over 50% of celiacs also have to avoid dairy or soy.  Many others also avoid corn.   In fact, many I know can barely eat anything at all, and are constantly turning down luncheon invitations because they don’t think we’ll have anything they can eat.  Does this sound familiar?

The good news is, if you heal your gut (common word used to refer to the small intestine) you may be able to eat more than you think after a while, and if you’re daring, and willing to be patient to heal your damaged gut, you might even be able to eat gluten again.

While celiac is an autoimmune disease, it seems the jury is out on why it started.  When candida proliferates in the digestive system, it digs into the intestinal lining. The body attacks it thinking it is dangerous. (Well, it is.)  According to some experts, gluten protein is very similar to a compound in the wall of candida cells, and the body’s immune response to the candida causes the body to attack the similar gluten. The immune system then begins to destroy the villi in the intestinal lining, but it happens AFTER candida is already present.  But regardless of why the body started attacking the villi, everyone agrees that it causes a problem.

Once the villi are destroyed, the individual has little remaining ability to digest foods, and they get sick.  But according to some, avoiding problem foods is only the first step in getting better.  Avoidance might not be your only option.  With a careful dietary regime over a few years that includes aggressive rebuilding of healthy intestinal flora, some practitioners believe it is possible to cure celiac disease completely.

As a person who has been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease, I do believe it is possible to cure. For years I’ve kept my thyroid happy by keeping my gut healthy.  Gut health is the single most important factor in our overall health, and the medical establishment is catching on.  Google “poop transplant” if you don’t believe me.

To keep your gut healthy without going to such drastic measures, you need the right diet, and it needs to include probiotics.  Probiotics are healthy bacteria (also known as flora) that help us digest our food.  Healthy bacteria will keep naturally-occurring candida at bay and restore your gut health. 

If you are celiac and not getting better from avoiding gluten, try probiotics, in particular, kefir.  If you can’t eat dairy yet, even without the lactose (because kefir grains eat the lactose in milk), try tibicos, or water kefir.  Both can be made at home very inexpensively and you can be assured of the quality and purity by making it yourself.  Some probiotic supplements may guarantee beneficial organisms in the billions or trillions, but I prefer to make it myself because I can guarantee it is powerful and fresh.

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For the secular among us, that means our good intention sent out biophotons into the kefir grains to make them more powerful and effective.  For the spiritual among us, that means we humbly asked God to bless them to make them more effective, powerful and benevolent. 

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What do you think?  Can you cure celiac disease?  Can you prevent it by keeping your gut healthy in the first place?  Feel free to comment and let us know!

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