Gluten Free

Our Gluten Free products are designed to heal you.  Many celiacs and gluten-sensitive people have other food sensitivities, too.  We aim to keep you healthy by avoiding all the overused ingredients.  Did you know, all of our Gluten Free products are also free of dairy, soy, corn, egg and GMOs?  That's right.  They are free of all that and have the best ever texture in any Gluten Free products, if we must say so ourselves. :)   Products in the circles below are Gluten Free.


If you are celiac or sensitive to gluten, you know how frustrating it can be to find delicious products that have that comfort food texture.  That is why we created Prana Cookies and Prana Burgers.  While gluten free and spectacularly delicious, their texture is actually the best part.  We take texture seriously and have gone to extreme lengths to make sure you would never guess they were gluten free even if you could eat gluten. 

Shop now for gluten free products.  If you’d just like to learn more about our philosophy, or check out our reviews, you can do that too. 

For your safety, we test every batch of products labeled gluten free.  We use the Elisa test, which ensures that each of our batches is below 10ppm.  Our ingredients come from suppliers with gluten levels anywhere from 3ppm to so low that they are unmeasurable.   So, we guarantee our products contain less than 10ppm, but actual levels may be much lower. See the test strip in the picture below, next to a plate of French Broad burgers. You can see that the batch tested clean, because it has only two red lines on it toward the top.  If it were contaminated, there would be three red lines, or no top line and two red lower lines. 

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