Corn Free

Corn allergies and sensitivity are a fast growing area of concern.  The reasons are complex and numerous.  If you avoid corn, that's a good start for improving your health.  The good news is, our cookies and veggie burgers are corn free!  Shop now or read more about our philosophy

If you are on a special diet or you're gluten free and also have sensitivity to corn, you know how hard it is to find anything you can eat, let alone anything you can eat that tastes good.  Is amazing texture too much to ask?  No. We have pulled out all the stops to make your corn-free life delicious and filled with beautiful textures.  Veggie burgers should have a nice bite and chew.  They should NOT be mushy or fall apart.  Cookies should be crunchy-crispy on the outside and chewy-soft on the inside.  Try ours and we guarantee you'll be delighted by the taste AND texture. In our products, no grit, sand, powder or dust are allowed. 

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