Soy Free

If you're reading this, chances are you're already avoiding soy or you're wondering if you should. Avoiding too much soy is necessary for achieving optimum health.  The best news is, ALL of our products are soy free!  Shop now or read more about our philosophy.

For years, soy has been touted as health food by big industries, but not by true experts.  If an "expert" is paid by someone to say something is good for you, we don't call that an expert at all.  We call that a paid advertisement.  Thankfully, many people have woken up to the dangers of a high-soy diet, even if it is all organic.  We don't need to tell you about the dangers of GMOs (turn that around and it's OMG!).  However, if you want to know how we feel about that, read our GMO policy.  It might be obvious already but we're serious about it.  We take your health seriously. 

If you have food allergies, thyroid issues, digestive issues or other little things, there's a good chance soy is at least a partial culprit. We won't go into it now, because it's a long and complex topic.  But check our blog for posts about it or sign up to receive email updates in your inbox.

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