We Oppose Genetic Modification

It is our opinion that GMOs are the cause of rising food allergies and other health problems.  For this reason, we have employed a Zero GMO policy for our products.  That means that we will not use any ingredient, at all, if it is suspected of being gene-altered.  We do not even buy grain that has been rotated with GMO crops, whether organic or not.

If you eat Gluten Free, read our blog post about why you need to be extremely careful about what you eat.  In short, corn, soy, rice and potatoes are largely gene-altered, and are extremely overused in Gluten Free products.  We avoid these ingredients altogether when possible.  Check out our cookie mix as an example, it's wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, corn free, soy free, potato free and even rice free.  That's a first.

If you ask most companies whether their products contain GMO ingredients, the usual response is "no, they're all natural."  Unfortunately though, most people are uneducated about what natural really means.  It acutally means almost nothing; only that certain preservatives are not used.  Or, in many cases, the soy in a product will be labeled GMO free but the soy lecithin isn't, and all the corn, potato and rice ingredients aren't disclosed.  Just because one ingredient is GMO free doesn't mean the whole product is.

We believe in providing true dietary alternatives whenever possible.

However, we also don't believe that lip service is enough.  We are in the process of becoming Non-GMO verified through the Non-GMO Project. 

And, our commitment to safe, nourishing, GMO-free foods does not stop with our own brand.  We also encourage you to educate yourself about the dangers of GMOs and avoid them as you would avoid arsenic, lead, mercury or any other heavy-duty toxin. If you aren't convinced, here's a shortlist of just a few of the documented ill-effects of GMOs.

To educate yourself, sign up for Jeffrey Smith's "Spilling the Beans" newsletter.  While you are there, read some of the other links.  Checking out some of the research on GMOs performed by neutral parties is a good start.

If you've made up your mind you're going to avoid them, here's the Non-GMO Shopping Guide to help.

To take it a step further, contact your favorite brands and ask them if they use GMO ingredients in their products.  If they do not, encourage them to spread awareness by enrolling in the Non-GMO Project

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