Prana Foods is now proud to be a Public Benefit Corporation!  This means that our values have equal priority with investor returns.  We are working toward hiring our first previously incarcerated employee full time at a living wage.  We have provided her with training in meditation and stress relief techniques.  We look forward to hiring other system impacted individuals and being a part of their transformation towards a happier life, greater abundance and self determination.

Our Ayurvedic approach and formulation methods help preserve the environment.  Things that grow together go together for several reasons. First of all, they taste fabulous. Second, they are nutritionally balanced and have healing properties when combined. Third, when a legume crop is rotated with a grain crop, the legume replenishes the nitrogen in the soil, and this prevents our earth's soil from being depleted.  And of course, we only use organic ingredients whenever it is humanly possible to procure them. As an approach, it makes so much sense. It's a slow food approach even though they are packaged foods.

It was a cathartic, life changing moment when we realized we could use our business to uplift people’s lives and bring a needed change to the world and not only to store shelves. We're incredibly grateful for all the blessings in our own lives and the opportunity to share them. It is becoming an endless wave of beauty.

Shop now.  All of our products are made in a Socially Responsible and Sustainable way.  Check our blog for articles about our Social Impact.  Sign up for our newsletter below to receive news about our social progress.