Prana Pancakes are easy to prepare.

Essentially, all you need to do is mix them with some of your favorite liquid, then drop them on a hot griddle, and flip when the sides get dry.  You don’t really need to measure anything if you’re a natural cook. ;)
For the sake of folks who like to measure, here are some of our favorite recipes:

1.  Original “Sourdough” (our favorite)

Combine ¼ cup yogurt or kefir and 1 cup water with 1 cup of Prana Pancake mix.  If the mix seems too dry, add a little more water.  It partly depends on how compacted the mix is when you measure it.  Coconut or almond yogurt work great, as well as soy.

2.  Traditional “buttermilk”

Combine 1 cup milk, hempmilk, almond milk, rice milk or soymilk with 1 cup Prana Pancake mix.

3.  “Backpacking” style

If you’re out in the woods and haven’t carried along all the comforts of the home kitchen, they’re still great made with just water!  Or you can pick some berries you found on the trail and toss them in the batter.
When made with just water, they taste a little more “salty” than the other ways and this blends very well with savory compliments like chutney, salsa or soup!

Cooking tips:

1. Heat the pan first, heat the oil second, then drop the pancake batter on the griddle.

2. To make pancakes traditional-style, just drop the batter on the griddle, then flip when the sides and part of the top look dry. 

2. To make pancakes thin (Swedish-style) or extra-thin (crepes), use up to 1 1/4 cups of liquid with one cup of mix, and use your dipping ladle to "swirl" the batter in a circular motion to flatten it out.  We make our pancakes Swedish-style every day.  Remember you don't need to add any eggs to the batter.

3. If you add sugar to your mix (which can be really yummy!) you might need to use medium low heat instead of medium high.  Sugar makes things brown faster.


Cookie Mix Instructions:

1. Drop contents of the dry mix into a bowl.  Keep the chocolate chips in their little bag for now.  Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, palm shortening, margarine or butter and 2 tablespoons of water to the mix.  Blend thoroughly (works best if done nice and gently) with a pastry blender or fork.  

2. Fold in the chocolate chips. :) You can do this with your bare hand if you don't mind getting sticky!

3. Drop cookies onto a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes.  If you like them half done (like most people!) you can even bake them for less time.  You can check after 6 minutes.  Bake at 375 if your oven is on the cool side--they will get slightly more brown on the outside and stay soft in the center.