Why do we love the foods our mother or grandparents made? 

It's the love!  That's the tastiest ingredient.  Now we'd like to offer something made with love that you can buy off the shelf, so to speak.  Not all quick foods need to be industrial and heartless.  In fact, we are sharing Prana Pancakes as an expression of love.

Prana is the life force in everything and inside you.  It is referred to "Chi" in the far east, Prana in India, or simply "good vibes" in the west.  Eating foods high in prana, or life force, helps us connect with that light, soft, at-ease feeling in ourselves.  There are a few major sources of energy; food, sleep, breath and a peaceful state of mind. 

Food is important.  Besides providing direct value in the energy and nutrition it gives, high-prana food provides "units of energy" so to speak, that create a peaceful state of mind, that uplifts you again.  Like the wood that warms you once when you chop it and again when you burn it, eating prana-rich food nourishes your body then your spirit. 

What makes food prana-rich? 

1. First of all, fresh ingredients, and food that is freshly prepared.  A head of lettuce right out of the garden is, of course, higher in prana than one that has been sitting in the store for a week. 

2. Next is a clean, uplifting environment where the food is prepared. 

3. Love, mantras and prayers.

We make sure all of these three aspects are a-okay when we prepare Prana Pancake mix.  The ingredients are the freshest, most pure available.  Our facility is clean, hygienic and light, and...special mantras and prayers, and good intention, are chanted during the mixing. 

We wouldn't settle for anything less ourselves, and you as our customer, are part of our family.

Eat Prana Foods and uplift yourself.