What does recruiting have to do with running a food COMPANY?

What a great question!  We’re glad you asked.

As a recruiter, Lisa has built many companies from startup stage to IPO or Sale, and other forms of success. She has experienced first hand numerous secret sauces that make a company succeed, and equally important, what can make it fail. She recognizes the difference between smart scrappiness and stingy folly, and a valuable investment vs wasting. Most important though, she knows what teams do what in a company (remember she’s built all those teams, many times over) and how to build them effectively. Understanding how to build headcount is an important part of a company. She knows who to hire, in what order. Of course, a food company has a different kind of labor than a software company. And a different type of recurring revenue. But the basics are the same. 

Lisa also has killer intuition. Maybe because she hires people for a living, she has a knack for “knowing” when someone will work out as the right hire for Prana Foods upon one meeting, with no effort.