Cream Gravy (Dairy version -- can be made vegan!)

Ease Level: 2 (pretty easy)

For vegan version, use coconut oil and hempmilk or your favorite dairy substitute.

Melt a half cube of butter in a pan on medium heat.  Add a 1/2 cup of lentil flour and make a roux.  Keep stirring vigorously.  Stirring constantly, add 1.5 cups milk.  When it begins to thicken a bit, add ¾ cup water.  When it thickens a tiny bit more, add ¼ cup cream.  Bring to a good boil, add salt to taste and remove from heat.  Add pepper at the table.

This is an outstanding traditional gravy to serve over mashed potatoes and also makes a really great eggless hollandaise!  Try adding ¼ tsp of your favorite spice to give it a regional flavor.  Tarragon has been suggested to me but I confess I haven’t tried it yet!