Our Premium Ingredients

Every ingredient we use in Prana Pancakes is the most premium available, period. We do not compromise on quality in any way. We have searched the world high and low for the best combination of ingredients that offers superfood-like nutrition and heavenly taste and texture, all in one.  All of our ingredients would be 100% organic if we knew where to get them or were big enough to have our own farms. We use 100% pure organic white spelt flour, Prana Protein Blend flour (don’t forget to read more about this later…it’s quite fascinating), aluminum-free, non-gmo baking powder, pure Celtic Sea Salt (the best available) and a few sticky ingredients so you can make prana pancakes nice and thin, and still egg-free. We make them that way at home every weekend, and sometimes every day!

Super-Powered Protein

Prana Super-Protein Blend is a proprietary blend of legumes. What’s a legume? Legumes include lentils, beans, peas, carob, peanuts, and even lupins, mesquite and alfalfa. What’s so special about legumes? They are high in protein, high in fiber and they replenish the soil they grow in. In a word, they are good for you and good for the planet.

But in Prana Pancakes, being good for you is not good enough. To meet our standards, it must be tasty, light, delicate and STILL give you outstanding nutrition! That’s why we have carefully selected among legumes and created a mild-tasting, delicate, sweet yet high protein, low-glycemic, high-fiber blend that gives your body the vital energy it needs to be healthy and active.  Read more in Ancient Pancake Wisdom about how your body perceives a combination of legumes with flour.

Spelt: Wheat or not Wheat?

Spelt, an ancient relative of wheat, is packed with nutrition. It is higher in protein and fiber than wheat, and contains trace elements that aid in digestion and benefit the nervous system. While its modern relative has been continually cross-bred for larger grain size and ease of removing the husk, and recently, genetically modified for tolerance to pests, pesticides and heavy commercial baking practices, spelt retains all the nutrient-dense goodness of an ancestral grain. It has not been altered or modernized for convenience, pest or disease avoidance, harvesting or modern big machine baking. Spelt hulls stick on very tenaciously to the seed, so it takes quite a bit of work to remove them in the refining process. We don’t mind. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure our ingredients are only the best. Those tough hulls are also hard for pests to get into, so they make it easy to grow spelt organically.  Yay!

Besides being nutritionally superior, spelt has a wonderfully silky texture not found in modern wheat. This is part of what gives our pancakes the light, delicate texture. White Spelt flour is the best of all the flours we’ve tried for pancake taste and texture. Furthermore, since the gluten in spelt is more fragile, you don’t need to worry about “overmixing” your pancakes and having them turn rubbery. Have you ever eaten pancakes in a restaurant toward the end of the hours they were serving breakfast, and you noticed they were a little rubbery? That’s because they keep beating the batter as the morning goes on and the gluten starts kicking in and gradually gets more and more sticky or rubbery. The same thing will happen if you’re making a cake or mixing pancake batter with an electric mixer and keep it on too long. Prana Pancakes are made with spelt, so there’s no need to worry about turning off the mixer at exactly the right moment. I’ve left the mixer on for quite a long time and they always stay soft and delicate.

What is spelt "gluten" anyway? The components in spelt that are referred to as gluten, according to some definitions, may not be considered gluten at all!  Gluten, by definition, is only soluble in acid or alcohol.  Spelt gluten is, in fact, soluble in water!  The non-water-solubility of wheat gluten is the reason the over-beaten pancakes get rubbery.  In fact if you overmix your spelt recipes, they may lose their "body" because the gluten or gluten-like components dissolve with mixing. (Disclaimer: If you are a celiac, we are NOT suggesting that you eat spelt.) However, we are suggesting that if you want to diversify your diet and avoid food allergies, eating Prana Pancakes is one way to accomplish that.

Funny factoid: the FDA now requires spelt products to be labeled as wheat, even though wheat and spelt are actually different species. Wheat is Triticum aestivum and Spelt is Triticum spelta. Of course, our label is FDA-compliant, although we know better than to say they are the same.

Even our leavening is the most premium available. We will not compromise on quality. We use only pure aluminum-free, non-GMO baking powder. By eating Prana Pancakes you will never be subjected to frankenfoods!

Premium Celtic Brand Sea Salt

Even the salt (or especially the salt, depending on what chef you ask!) can make or break a food.  We use only Celtic Brand Sea Salt in our home cooking because it tastes the best and offers the best health benefits of any salt available. Celtic Sea Salt offers electrolytes and balanced minerals that taste fantastic and go a long way to optimal health.