Meet Our Management Team

Meet Lisa Longnecker, CEO, Food Product Architect and Chief Braggart of Prana Foods.  She has benefitted from eating an alternative diet for 16 years and is a promoter of the health benefits of a custom-tailored diet.  She is an expert in Ayurveda, vegetarian cooking and self-love.

Meet David Longnecker, COO, Logistics and Finance Manager.  David's years of experience making businesses profitable and that's great to have on our team.  He is also a product enthusiast and beta-taster extraordinaire.

Maggie Gartman, our Intern, was sent to us straight from heaven.  Her commitment, cheer and intelligence make our world go round.  She is smarter than we are and that's only part of what makes her so great.  Long and happy live Maggie!


Meet our Advisory Board

Christopher J. Reed, Founder and CEO of Reed's Ginger Brew, Los Angeles, CA
Chris founded Reed’s in 1987. Mr. Reed has served as the Company’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer since its incorporation in 1991. Mr. Reed has been responsible for the Company’s design and products, including the original product recipes, the proprietary brewing process and the packaging and marketing strategies. Mr. Reed received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1980 from Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. 

What we love about Chris is that he knows his stuff.  We couldn't ask for a better mentor.  Chris gives great advice, and best of all, he loves our products and believes in us.


Ben Henderson, Co-Owner Bare Essential Natural Market, Boone NC
Originally from Tennessee, Ben has lived in the High Country for 30 years. He loves reading, walking his dogs, working out, piddling around the house & yard and driving the sports car he won in 2002. He and his wife Mary have been married for 25 years and they've owned Bare Essentials Natural Market for 23!

That's what Ben is doing when he isn't busy running his store, acting as president of the Southeast Natural Products Association, giving us advice or eating Prana Pancakes or Prana Cookies. We love Ben's knowledge, support, connections and kindness.


Steve, Wyatt, Store Manager, Bare Essentials Natural Market, Boone NC
Music, books, and cooking are Steve's passions. He gravitates towards the artful and unusual in all three. When not hanging out with his wife and son, he's usually in the kitchen, blasting tunes. He loves concerts in cities with great ethnic restaurants and independent bookshops. He has a deep affection for craft beer and gourmet coffee, of which there are no shortages in Boone!

Let's face it, Steve knows his way around the kitchen, and he knows a great veggie burger when he tastes one.  We're uber grateful to Steve for sharing his resources, sense of packaging design and sense of humor with us.


Tom Bell, Art of Living Foundation, Boone, NC
Tom Bell is a Marketing Expert of the best kind, in that he works for food.  Tom loves Prana Foods and has the best sense in the world for helping us understand our own story and how to market it. Before coming across us, though, he already had an impressive pedigree.  Tom was the VP of Sales and Marketing for a company he took public.  His help has provided tremendous value.


We love Shanti because she helps Tom.