Prana Foods came into being several years ago through a need to create perfect nutrition, taste and texture in our food.  We wanted the convenience of a pancake mix but we wanted it our way—it had to be delicate, light and fluffy, YET be full of protein and fiber.  And it had to have ancient grains. Prana Pancakes, our original product, embody our values: buttery, mellow taste, delicate, fluffy texture and superior nutrition with no compromises.  The newer members of our product family, Prana Cookies and Prana Burgers, do too. 

Our Philosophy

These are not your Grandma’s Recipes.

We love Grandma and all the love, care and tenderness that went into her cookies, pancakes and everything else, but unfortunately the ingredients she bought aren’t pure anymore. We take all the goodness of Grandma’s recipe but leave out the bleached flour, the wheat with too many chromosomes (or the gluten all together), the dairy, the soy, the processed sugar, the eggs and the GMOs.

We Provide True Alternatives.

All of our products are wheat free (excluding spelt, an ancient grain easily digestible by many who cannot eat over-hybridized commercial wheat), soy free, egg free and dairy free. Too many so-called alternative foods contain too much of the same thing--lots of egg (not good for vegans!), dairy (not good for lactose intolerant!) and soy, which is WAAAAY overused and not really good for anybody. We even avoid corn when we can! (check out the cookies...they're corn free!)

We. Make. No. Compromises.

We are obsessively GMO free and obnoxiously conscious of the source of all our ingredients. It took us 3 months to find chocolate chips with no soy, gluten, dairy or...cane sugar processed with corn? (Hello! Why does sugar need to be processed with corn? Roll Eyes.)
We don't use xanthan gum because it's broccoli mold grown on GMO grain. Who needs that? Whenever an ingredient is available organic, we buy it, even if we only use a tiny quantity. Our quest for purity and true alternatives usually leads us to the rarest, most expensive ingredients. We insist on total purity, total integrity and a total nutritional, textural, digestive and taste-full value add, or it isn't in our products. Period.

Prana Foods are Better than Comfort Food.

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies better than the real thing and pancakes that don't have you snoring after breakfast are our specialty. We ROCK at creating perfect comfort foods, with no compromises, and none of what you can't eat. After one bite of a Prana Cookie, you will know this is solid truth and no hype! Our cardinal values are texture, taste, nutrition, wellbeing and texture. And, did we mention texture? All of our Gluten Free products are sworn on holy books to be grit free, powder free, sand free and aftertaste-free. And we design our products to make you glow.

We Believe in Enlightenment through Food.

Okay, you have to do this part yourself. Savoring your food slowly, with awareness, is key to health, wellbeing, a clear mind and a pure heart. They say you can get enlightened while doing any one thing with total awareness! Including eating, if you eat super tasty food and do it 100%. We give you a head start, by incorporating ancient Ayurvedic principles into our food. We combine what belongs together and not what doesn't. We bless our products with ancient mantras while they're being blended. Part of the reason you feel so good when you eat one of our cookies or pancakes is because they're just plain awesome. The other part is because they're infused with subtle blessings. They're as good as it gets.