We started a rebrand

Once we decided to change the name, we realized it will have an important ripple effect on the whole business.  It will change our marketing, our copy, our packaging, and maybe even our product offerings.

We began the process with a Copywriter, who helped us understand our "brand soul" and write our Brand Pillars. Then we worked with a Marketing Expert who helped us visualize the new brand, including the pillars, into a new and amazingly beautiful kind of packaging.

The rebrand, though complicated, has made things simple. Prana to the People makes Game Changing Gluten Free Foods with a Social Impact. Our brand pillars are in progress, and we'll update our whole website when they are complete.  And we'll give you a special "behind the scenes" update here too. :)

Part of our rebrand also involves changing our product offerings. That does NOT mean we will reformulate. Our cookie mix is pretty well perfect, and we intend to leave it that way.  BUT, some people prefer fewer chocolate chips. Some prefer no chips, or are allergic to chocolate, or want to add nuts.  While our sales numbers have been incredibly strong when we demo, a few still walk away due to the price.  Our rebrand involves AB testing (well, ABC testing really) of different options.

Here are the new options and price points we are currently testing:

  1. 42% Chips (original) - The bag costs $10 and makes a baker's dozen 2 inch cookies.
  2. 21% Chips (light) - The bag costs $8 and makes 18 2 inch cookies.
  3. 0% Chips (naked) - The bag costs $5 and makes 18-24 2 inch cookies. 

In the spirit of bringing Prana to the People, we'd like to make sure we have at least one reasonably-priced offering that all communities feel they can afford, and our Naked cookie mix is a great way to do that. People seem to love the $5 price point. Once all our research is done, we'll include that in the behind the scenes update.