Gluten, Soy and Dairy Free has never tasted better!

Our cookie mix and veggie burgers have the most impressive pedigree we've ever heard. And their praise rings high in the heavens.

Our Cookie Mix

Made with you in mind, our cookie mix is free of everything you can't eat, but you'll never know by tasting it.  Here are some quotes from first-time tasters that didn't know they were gluten, soy and dairy free. View ingredients.

"Tastes like a classic chocolate chip cookie."

"They have the perfect texture."

"These are some great cookies."

"These are reaaalllllly good."

"These are delicious."

"Where can I get some?"

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Our Veggie Burgers

The French Broad

This is our "classic" burger that has been mistaken for a chicken fried steak.  While we were not trying to imitate meat with this savory delicacy, we seem to have tapped a nerve in some who prefer a classic texture and taste.  Made with French flavors and ingredients that grow in France, this  hearty and satisfying burger is truly a French delicacy.  Named for the river in Asheville, we like the humor that goes along with it too!  Gluten, soy and dairy free. View Ingredients.

The Thai Temple

When our friends found out we were making veggie burgers, Thai was our most requested flavor.  This sultry, spicy burger gets its ingredients, spices and flavors from Thailand, land of the mysterious and exotic.  Also hearty and satisfying, this burger is fresh, spicy and tantalizing.  Named for the temple in your heart. Gluten, soy and dairy free. View Ingredients.

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