Hi Friends!

Thank you for helping us make our packages as good as they can be! Please take a look at the below design. We are planning to print labels on stock bags initially to approximate the look before committing to order a large number of pre-printed bags. We can use this to iterate anything that might go wonky. But…thank you for helping us eliminate wonkiness as much as possible in the first place!

Once you’ve glanced at the design mockup below, please scroll down for the label version.


Now look below. This is a real bag with an actual label on it.


Now that you’ve seen that, take a look at the actual artwork side by side. We may print a cheap black and white version of the back label until we get pre-printed bags, because it will cost less to print.


Now I would love to get your input. Please critique! Here’s a google form where you can now share all your opinions about it. Thank you so much for your help!