Ancient Wisdom

When we say ancient, we mean ancient.  Did you know, Ayurveda is over two million years old?  

Ancient wisdom has much to teach us about how to eat for optimum health. In ancient cultures, for eons they have been soaking grains, grinding and fermenting them and combining them with legumes for maximum protein and amino acid profile, digestibility, enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients.

Combining a grain with a legume creates a complete protein. In doing so, your body reads this combination as an overall “protein,” so you will feel lean and satisfied after eating this combination, not overly “carbed out” or fall asleep. Your blood sugar is also not likely to fluctuate as much when you eat a complete protein.

What makes our pancakes and burgers special is that we’ve created a whole nutritious meal in a single, instant, incredibly delicious food. You get all the benefits of a complete, protein-rich meal, with healthy carbohydrates, fiber, trace minerals, loads of amino acids, all the building blocks your body needs to be lean and healthy

In the pancakes you get a light, fluffy, creamy texture and taste that cannot be beat, even in a pancake with inferior nutrition.

In the burgers, you get high protein, high fiber and a chewy, nutty, substantial mouthfeel.  

In the cookies, you get a true dessert (we won't lie to you!) but you also get fiber, probiotics and the blessings that go into all of our foods.

Shop well, Eatt well and Be Happy!