Our advisors have given us extraordinary expertise and support. 


Jenny kassan,

creator of Jenny Kassan Consulting, is the main advisor to Prana Foods. She has an extraordinary ability to help her clients, including many food companies, bring about business success while preserving their social values. She pretty much invented investment crowdfunding with a handful of other people and doesn’t take any credit for it. Her clients have a WAY better track record of success than Non-Jenny-Clients. Literally, as far as is known,100% of them are still in business. Depending on how you count it, this is either is 95% or 100% better than the average startup which fails in the first 5 years. And Jenny doesn’t like it when Lisa says that, because she hasn’t actually asked every single client. Lisa is waiting for her to do that. But clearly Jenny’s clients are not average startups.


Founder, Former President & CEO and now Chief Innovation Officer of Reeds Inc and creator of Reeds Ginger Brew, is a longtime friend, trusted advisor, advocate and loyal fan of Prana Foods. As founder of a successful food startup that became a publicly traded company, Chris has provided advice, resources and valuable support to Prana Foods management team. Chris continues to advise Lisa and David in the ways of becoming a big and important national brand.

Anni minuzzo,

founder and owner of Food Sage Consulting, founded and sold Biscotti Nucci, the first company to bring delicious biscotti to market. Anni provides sage wisdom to Prana Foods management team that she gained in the food startup world of hard knocks.