Lisa's Story

I grew up eating home grown, home cooked food and learning hippie ways. As a busy young adult in Silicon Valley I ate out a lot and learned the hard way how important it is to eat organic food and proper combinations when I developed sensitivities to wheat and soy. I turned to Ayurveda as a means for staying balanced, combining foods that enhanced my health and finding delicious ways to enjoy things that were good for me. My passion was born for healthy, delicious, pure and proper food.

Since then, GMOs have been eliminated from mine and my family's diet and I aim to convert the rest of the conscious public to Organic Only as well. 

One principle of Ayurveda is that what grows together goes together. This means that things that grow in the same region are generally healthy to combine. There is deep wisdom in regional, ancient cuisines. We use this in our recipes to create nutritionally balanced, totally delicious and completely digestible combinations. While we’re at it, we have ancient mantras chanted over the foods while they are being made, so they become even more vibrant with good energy and a blessing to those who eat them. I’m intensely proud that people think I’m pulling their leg when I tell them what is NOT in our cookie mix. 

In my personal life, I meditate regularly. It is the most beautiful and impactful thing I have ever done. Outside work, I make it my business to make others happy and bring relief from stress to whomever I can in small and large ways. It was a cathartic moment when I realized I could use my business to do good.

Prana Foods arose out of Saturday breakfasts with friends over. Many told us these were the best pancakes they’d ever had, then begged us to sell them when we told them they were complete protein, rich in fiber, vegan and soy free.

We have developed the rest of our product line out of the need for allergen free, nutritious foods that have amazing texture and total purity—all organic and GMO free. We also bless our products with ancient mantras for health and wellbeing. We believe in making the blessing complete with our new business model.

Our new model is to hire previously incarcerated individuals, give them the gift of meditation to uplift their life, get rid of stress and provide them an excellent job that pays well and provides opportunities for further growth.